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(An ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018 Certified Co.)

Specialist in Oil Facilities Installation Upgrade & Shutdown Activities

3T Macsotech Nigeria Limited was formed by the coming together of 3T Worldwide (Nigeria) Limited and Macsotech Power Maintenance Limited. It was incorporated with Corporate Affairs Commission, Federal Republic of Nigeria in July 2016, and together have a combined experience of more than 5 decades of operations in Nigeria.


The formation of 3T Macsotech Nigeria Limited as a special purpose vehicle to cater to the growing demands of installation and maintenance activities in Nigeria’s Oil and Gas sector, was the fulfillment of 3T Group’s vision of enhancement of Local Content. Through its international offices and collaborations, 3T brought in best practices of the sector to the Nigerian economy as well as capacity building of Human Capital of Nigeria.


The Joint Venture if a perfect example of how “GLOCAL” companies can bring values to the economy. It is involved in installation/commissioning of deliveries of 3T Worldwide, turnaround, shutdown and facility maintenance as well as leasing of heavy equipments at very competitive rentals.


Deliver the highest standards of services with Quality, Reliability and Integrity, and in the process build capacity in the Nigeria Economy to International Standards


Committed to deliver exceptional, personalized, and flexible services to its customers. We understand customers' needs and work hard to provide innovative, creative and low cost solutions


QualiTy: Deliver the highest possible quality and adhere to the international standards in its delivery.

ReliabiliTy: Reliable for delivery schedule, we ensure project costs do not escalate due to delays.

IntegriTy: Carry out business with the highest levels of integrity.


Local Content Development and promoting In-Country Value is the key vision of 3T’s operations round the globe. Promoting Local Content implies that as much as possible goods, service, man-power and other activities are sourced wholly or substantially from the country of operation. This imparts development and capacity building in-country and hence acts as a force multiplier in development of the country, its human capital and the economy.

3T’s Objectives are as follows:

  • Nigerian Nationals are part of ownership structure

  • Encourage and ensure use of Nigeria-Made goods and services in our projects

  • Encourage and ensure value addition/fabrication/assembly of project components to be done in Nigeria.

  • Use Nigerian sub-contractors as much as possible

  • Enshrined in the agreement with foreign sub contractors, to provide knowledge/technology transfer plan to Nigerian assets

  • Induct local trainee programs, to enable knowledge transfer

  • Increase the number of Nigerian Nationals in each project discipline/skill-pool through training, exposure and certification, thus making them available for other major projects.

  • Involve local banks, insurance firms and other financial institutions in the contract’s financial transactions


Electrical and Instrument Technician is inspection on lighting of navigation aid system at

Advancing Sustainability: 3T Macsotech and Kleeve Elevate Solar Integration in the Oil and Gas Industry

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Kleeve, bringing cutting-edge solar energy solutions to the oil and gas sector. This initiative is a cornerstone of 3T Macsotech Nigeria Limited's commitment to sustainable energy, aimed at significantly reducing the industry’s carbon footprint and aligning with global environmental standards.

Transforming Operations with Solar Energy

Our collaboration leverages advanced photovoltaic and solar thermal technologies to create robust, cost-effective energy systems tailored for the oil and gas industry. These innovations promise substantial reductions in operational costs and environmental impact, making a greener future possible today.

A Sustainable Future

Adopting solar power not only meets stringent environmental regulations but also positions our partners as sustainability leaders. This shift enhances corporate reputation and stakeholder trust, marking a pivotal step towards our shared vision of a sustainable, efficient future.

Together, 3T Macsotech and Kleeve are setting new standards for energy use in the oil and gas industry. Join us as we embrace a brighter, cleaner tomorrow.



  • Supply and installation cables, fittings, panels, bus bars etc

  • Fabrication and installation of switchgear and control panels

  • Supply & Installation of LV/HV transformers, motors.

  • Major Electrical Maintenance Works


  • Installation & repair 

    • Compressors 

    • LP/HP Pumps

    • Generators

    • Prime Movers

  • Fabrication and installation of pipes, spools, supports & tanks

  • Hydraulic torquing and bolting


valve services

  • In-Situ Machining

  • Online Valve Calibration

  • Online Greasing and Leak Sealing

  • Lapping and Repair

  • Valve Testing and Calibration

  • Containerized Valve Repair Solutions


  • Cranes. forklifts & other lifting equipments

  • Air Compressors​ to Onshore & Offshore standards

  • Heavy Duty LP/HP Pumps​

  • Industrial use Generators

Mechanic at Work

Facility Maintenance

  • Turnaround Maintenance

  • Shutdown Maintenance

  • Tank Cleaning

  • Corrosion Control

  • Cathodic Protection

  • HVAC Maintenance


3T Macsotech Nigeria Limited has concoct of International Collaboration with renowned Service Providers from USA/Europe/Asia & Local Collaborations to increase In-Country Value/Local Content

A leader amongst predictive maintenance companies, RIG help our customers find the right combination of fluid cleaning technologies to prolong equipment life and reduce required maintenance on critical equipment

EFCO is a Joint Venture Company, promoted by EFCO Maschinenbau GmbH of Germany, the World's largest manufacturer of Valve Reconditioning & Testing Equipment.

EFCO is an API Certified Company in Valve Reconditioning & Testing with state of the art German Machines, Consumables, and SOP's

A world class, full service field company specializing in on-site machining, welding, heat treating, NDE, engineering and heavy rigging. ARC’s top of the line Engineering team utilizes state of the art technology for designing and manufacturing custom equipment and tooling to tackle the most challenging field applications

OSMI 1.png

Cathtect USA is a Cathodic Protection Specialist company, catering to the Cathodic Protection & AC Mitigation Corrosion Industries across the globe

OSMI in an EUROPEAN COMPANY specialized in VALVES and  AUTOMATION for Oil and Gas, LNG, Power Generation and industrial market. OSMI offers supply, service, modification and automation of Gate, Globe, Check, Ball, Butterfly Valves


Powell was the first assembler, in the United States to supply medium voltage metal-clad switchgear by purchasing the circuit breaker and cell assembly as an OEM component.


3T Macsotech Nigeria Limited

12-B Peace Valley Estate, Trans-Woji,

Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria



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