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3T Worldwide Moçambique LDA is 3T Group’s foray into Mozambique. It was established in 2021 as a part of 3T Group’s pledge to enhance Local Content, and In-Country Value generation is the driving force in all its operations.


3T Worldwide Moçambique LDA is a part of multi-million-dollar 3T Group, based out of Texas, USA. 3T Group has been into Procurement, Engineering & Logistics business for 2 decades now. 3T has grown to be a major player in providing a wide range of technical material and services to Oil and Gas Industries in Nigeria and other African Countries.


In the first year of its establishment, 3T has engaged with multiple customers in Oil and Gas and other industrial sectors in Mozambique, and has commenced providing quality services of materials delivery, installation/commissioning, and maintenance activities.

ID: 00041289
ANID: AN01646763156
RC 101464687


3T Worldwide Moçambique LDA is a recently incorporated company in Mozambique. But coming from a Group, specialized in providing solutions to a diverse spectrum of business segments, which has successfully created a niche for itself in the business landscape of the USA & Africa, its foray into the Mozambique, will accrue the following benefits to its customer.


EXPERIENCE: Serving the needs of the global oil and gas industry for more than 2 decades, we have developed excellent OEM/supplier relations from different geographies, hence enabling us to provide cost effective solutions to our customers at optimum quality.


GLOBAL REACH: Group Company's stakes in C&F Company provided instant access to 165 partner warehouses round the globe, for easy consolidation and time and cost-effective freighting and clearing services


EXECUTION: Our Group Company has executed orders ranging from $ 0.24 to $ 4.5m, indicating that we respects each order irrespective of the value. Our personnels are trained to respect an order as “CUSTOMER”S TRUST”, and not on the $ value.


RECOGNITIONS: Our Group Company had been awarded the “BEST PERFORMING VENDOR” by NLNG – A Shell subsidiary, indicating our pursuit for excellence. They also hold multiple Purchase Agreements with Chevron, Exxonmobil, Shell etc. All these bear testimony to our prowess in delivering what we promise.


SCALABILITY: Technology driven processes, optimizing vendor screening, selection and resource utilization, and hence improving the scalability for increased volume of business


Local Content Development and promoting In-Country Value is the key vision of 3T’s operations round the globe. Promoting Local Content implies that as much as possible goods, service, man-power and other activities are sourced wholly or substantially from the country of operation. This imparts development and capacity building in-country and hence acts as a force multiplier in development of the country, its human capital and the economy.

3T’s Objectives are as follows:

  • Encourage and ensure use of Mozambique-Made goods and services in our projects

  • Encourage and ensure value addition/fabrication/assembly of project components to be done in Mozambique.

  • Use Mozambique sub-contractors as much as possible

  • Enshrined in the agreement with foreign sub contractors, to provide knowledge/technology transfer plan to Mozambique assets

  • Induct local trainee programs, to enable knowledge transfer

  • Increase the number of Mozambican Nationals in each project discipline/skill-pool through training, exposure and certification, thus making them available for other major projects.

  • Involve local banks, insurance firms and other financial institutions in the contract’s financial transaction


Closing a Deal

Material Procurement

3T transformed procurement and supply chain into a strategic concept & provides Global Procurement service to its Customers...


Logistics Services

3T owns stakes in C&F Company providing edge in consolidation globally & economies of scale for expedited freighting... 

Close Up Shot of a Professional Mechanic

Installation & Commissioning

3T provides installation & commissioning services, making it a end to end solution provider with impressive track record...

Overhauling Gas Engine 1.png

Engineering & Maintenance

3T collaborates with global OEM’s for providing engineering support, and excels in turnaround, shutdown & facility maintenance...


3T Worldwide Moçambique, Lda

Torres Rani, Avenida Marginal,

Talhão 141, 6º andar, PO BOX 96,

Maputo, Moçambique

Mob:+258-877996002 or Tel: +258-840939505


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